Did you know that mankind began trading as early as 3000 BC? Considering that our ancestors have been engaging in this practice since early millennia, we should have been experts in all forms of trade-including Forex. However, the world has evolved radically since the ancient times and is changing at an accelerating rate every single day. With the advent of information technology and communication, access to real time data is merely a click away.

As with any novel trading platform such as elliott wave theory , you may be wondering where to start from. After all, the realm of Forex is an intricate place that you can conquer with the right knowledge and tools. The most vital tip we can give you is to pace your learning and to find a mentor who can guide you. There is a plethora of material available on this subject matter and it may confuse you. We hope the following top ten Forex tips will not only build yet strengthen your base.

  1. Have the Right Mindset

Becoming a Forex trader means owning the right frame of mind. A large degree of patience is required as this is not a short cut and will not make you rich overnight. With time and experience, you will commence earning profit margins that will make you pocket-happy. It is crucial that you remain open to unanticipated market performance, economic events, and much more.

  1. Learn the Forex Fundamentals

It is imperative to educate yourself with the methodologies that run the Forex marketplace. How can you do this effectively? By taking a comprehensive, certified Forex course that will prepare you for all aspects. It will familiarize you with the jargon and language utilized. Also, you will comprehend its mechanics such as leverage, spreads, chart, correlations, external occurrences etc. The importance of educating yourself before entering the Forex avenue cannot be stressed enough. Surely, you do not wish to rake in significant losses before investing in a Forex course.   

  1. Find Your Trading Strategy

In order to classify the trading strategy that may work for you-you need to know your Forex related goals.  What do you wish to achieve here? Have a conversation with yourself (perhaps include your family) to outline your objectives and take into account your lifestyle. Will you be a full-time trader? Is this a secondary revenue stream that you are tapping into? How much time can you spare to monitor the markets? What is the level of risk that you are willing to undertake for each individual trade?

Once you have the answers to your questions, then you can move on to studying variant trading strategies and select one based on your requirements. One tip is to choose a trading technique that functions on the basis of price actions. This will assist you in creating a buffer for managing potential risks and losses. You will need to dive deep into its inner workings and surface with a powerful grasp of its subject matter. Of course, you have to test the waters before committing to a single one. Don’t alternate between your trading strategies in case you start experiencing a few losses-it is all part of the trading cycle and will come full circle in your favour.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

Who doesn’t want to retire at the age of 40, buy a yacht and sail around the world? We all do! It is good to dream big, but let’s attach a time frame to it as well. As shared earlier, Forex trading is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s a long, arduous journey where you will encounter high volumes of pressure. Remind yourself that time is a strategic variable to be considered and patience is key when dealing in this arena.

  1. Maintain a Trading Journal

To become a Forex guru, why not keep a journal? It will serve as a snapshot of all your trading transactions and provide a record. You can go an extra mile by adding notes whilst allocating funds to a particular trade. This will not only help you ameliorate your future deals but will allow you to track the thought process involved. Your chances of prosperity will rise considerably as you will be able to review your journal if any errors are made.

  1. Stay Positive

If a trade starts going against your favour, do not overstress or lose hope. Trading is a complicated ballgame that may require a bit of faith from time to time. It is a standard occurrence in the world of Forex and can swing in any direction. We advise you to let the market do its job and to not over-think the trade in question. Go have a cup of coffee, a round at the gym or dinner with a friend. Wake up fresh and rejuvenated in the morning, then take a look at the market and check the status.

  1. Slow and Steady

When you begin dipping your toes in the Forex trading pool, do so slowly. Conduct a few transactions and observe the reward/risk. This way you can test out the trading strategy you have chosen and discover what your comfort zone is along the way. Holding on to your capital will also increase your overall success rate as you can diversify (if need be).

  1. Concentrate on the Daily Chart

Another open secret is to focus your energies on the daily chart. When you have mastered the art of interpreting it, you will be able to make timely, informed decisions as you will understand the relevant price movements.

  1. Allow Higher Time Frames

When trading with higher time frames, you can identify the most optimal setups. A better knowledge of price movements can be gained as well and a lucrative trade region can be identified. It is recommended to trade on the 240 minute, 480 minute and daily chart time frames.

  1. Select the Right Broker

As a beginner, you will set up a virtual account with a broker. Scour the marketplace and do your research to choose the software that is renowned for its reliability. Make sure it is registered with an associated regulatory body and presents a strong security framework. It must also provide key, up-to-date market knowledge and is customer-oriented. You will feel more confident in their service if there is a direct point of contact.

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